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Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith


“I consider myself one of the fortunate people in the world who get to do what they love to do. I believe when that happens, work is no longer work but joy expressing. Then we are in the wellspring of our true service and everything becomes a Blessing to Life.”

Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith was born in England in 1945. She is a graduate of the Victoria College of Art, and has a well-established career as a painter. Since the late 1990s, Jeanne has focused her attention on landscapes, predominantly from her vicinity in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis valley. Her work combines vibrant and often whimsical colour with traditional architecture found in rural settings. Her colourist paintings bring a distinctive, contemporary sensibility to what is otherwise thought to be traditional subject matter. Historic rural buildings are placed as though they have always belonged in the landscape, and are made even more idyllic by the artist’s unique use of colour.

Jeanne had focused on a body of work that reflects a lifelong love of horses and what they symbolize for her, but in January of l999, she turned her attention to landscapes. Working with fields of colour that resonate together is something she finds very exciting. The paintings juxtapose vibrant and arbitrary colour against traditional architecture resulting in a feeling of harmony and joy. She occasionally encompasses still lifes, florals and portraiture in her passion for painting. She has worked in many different mediums but currently works with oils and acrylics.

Her work has been influenced by Arthur Schilling, Nicholai Fechin, Ted Harrison, Jean Jacks and Charlotte Beauchemin among others.

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